Insulation piercing connectors

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It has features like simple installation, no need of peel off skin of conductor, constant and stable pressure. It is equipped with specialized electricity conductive blade, enclosed structure and unique insulation shell which is light resistance and ageing resistance to avoid damage the conductor and provide good conductivity.



We have models for both 1KV (or <1 KV) and 10KV (or <10KV) insulated overhead conductor.

 1KV insulation piercing connector1kv insulation piercing connector model

10KV insulation piercing connector

10KV insulation piercing connector model


1 choose the right model and put the straight cable into the correct position in the clamp and screw it tightly by hand.

2 Tighten the nut with insulating box spanner until the bolt twisted off.

3 put on the cover in the end.




Strong packing is available and free of charge ,which is suitable for loading, storage in most popular condition .Custom packing will be charged reasonably to favor customer’s requirement .


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Guan Tong is a key player in electric power fitting industry. We manufacture and OEM electric cable clamp and accessories. The innovative spirit in our enterprise makes us not only the best one, but the first one in the section.

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