Insulation Piercing Connector with Ground Ring

99.9% high pure cooper as "teeth", no need peel off conductor skin, applicable to tap connection and succession up of 10KV.
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99.9% high pure cooper as "teeth", no need peel off conductor skin, applicable to tap connection and succession up of 10KV.


Do you concern those conditions in overhead line connecting?

1  Conductor rupture and cause short circuit, black out or even public safety hidden danger?
2  Galvanic corrosion of Steel, Aluminum and Copper?
3  Small contact area, high resitence and enormous energy loss?
4  Fluctuation contact force?
5  Short maintenace period and large operation cost?


Guan Tong concerned all cases in product designing process. We have model JYC10- series which can Conductor Material Copper/Aluminum/ACSR etc.




Guan Tong insulation piercing connector wth ground ring is applicable to ground protection for 1KV (or < 1KV) overhead insulated cable.


Insulation piercing clamp has features like simple installation, no need of peel off skin of conductor, constant and stable pressure. It is equipped with specialized electricity conductive blade (purity higher than 99.9% and surface has been oxidation treated), enclosed structure and unique insulation shell ( temperature range from -170℃~190℃) which is light resistance and ageing resistance avoid damage the conductor and provide good conductivity (Volume resistivity<0.017Ω).

We have models for both 1KV (or <1 KV) and 10KV (or <10KV) insulated overhead conductor.


Field application:


1 choose the right model and put the straight cable into the correct position in the clamp and screw it tightly by hand.

2 Tighten the nut with insulating box spanner until the bolt twisted off.

3 put on the cover in the end.



Guan Tong always insist "quality first" and follow every process of production strictlly. All the products delivered to customer are carefully inspected.




In the time's of econmic globalization, we strenten each part of business to improve our competitive power. For year of choosing and innovation, we successfully optimized a fast,safe and cost effective delivery system.






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