ADSS Tangent Suspension Clamp

ADSS Tangent Suspension Clamp Designed mainly to protectively fix and install short-span overhead cable,especially for the construction and reforming of urban cmmunication network.
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Mainly used on the straight line tower or pole with short span, or for the cable installation with the intersecion angle less than 15° on tower or pole.   


1 Light, convenient, low-cost.                                                                                              

2 The breaking strength is over 40KN.                                                   

3Components Rubber insert, suspension housing, U shackle bolt etc.

Order Tips

Please clarify cable diameter, RTS, span length before place order.



Strong packing is available and free of charge ,which is suitable for loading, storage in most popular condition .Custom packing will be charged reasonably to favor customer’s requirement .


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3, Resonable Price
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