JGA Copper Crimp Lugs

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JGA copper crimp lugs which manufactured from electrolytic copper tube, are low voltage voltage cable lugs for crimping and terminating of up to 1000sqmm copper conductors 600/1000v. Lugs designed to be crimped onto the copper conductor to provide low voltage (LV) cable termination via the crimped lug.  

1- Unique designed to obtain the most efficient electrical conductivity and mechanical strength to resist vibration and pull out
2- The lugs are annealed to guarantee optimum ductility
3- Suitable for conductor cross section areas 6sqmm-1000sqmm.
4- Annealing process to avoiding cracking or breaks between the barrel and palm, thus perform reliable connection.
5- The absence of an inspection hole prevents the entry of water or moisture into the crimped cable connection.
6- Barrel length has been designed to allow easy and accurate positioning of the dies during the crimping operation.
7- Lugs are electrolytically tin plated with a minimum thickness of 3μm to avoid oxidation

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