MJPT Pre-insulated Sleeve

  • Model:DTCL
  • MOQ:1
  • L/T:2-5 days
  • Payment Terms:T/T, Paypal, Western Union

MJPT is designed to connect the insulated cable (include ABC cable) in aerial distribution network. The sleeve is with some tension.

• MJPB suitable for stranded aluminium conductors up to 35 mm2 and stranded copper conductors up to 16 mm2
• Stripping of cable insulation is required before insertion
• Mechanical strength of 50 % of cable breaking load
• Tested for water tightness at a voltage of 6 kV for 1 minute in a water bath
• Exceeds requirements according to NFC 33021 and EN 50483-4
• A colour code of elastomeric sealing ring allows an easy identification of the cross sections
• Elastomeric ring and pre-filled grease enable super waterproof performance
• Insulation material made of weather and UV resistant polymer.

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