Telecommunications Infrastructure Services

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Telecommunications infrastructure services provide setup, maintenance, and consulting for data and voice communications technologies. Examples of telecommunications infrastructure services include:

  • optical fiber installation
  • cell tower site location
  • radio antenna testing
  • installation of standard phone equipment and data networks


Telecommunications infrastructure service providers include satellite companies, phone companies, and Internet service providers (ISP). Most telecommunications infrastructure services can help customers determine their telecommunications infrastructure requirements. The cost of telecommunications infrastructure design varies widely and depends upon the scope of the service provided.


There are many types of telecommunications infrastructure services. For example, a traditional telecommunications infrastructure service helps to build, manage, and operate voice networks. A telecommunications cabling infrastructure service or telecommunications fiber optics infrastructure installs standard cables or fiber optics in large office buildings or factories. Telecommunications infrastructure services that specialize in telecommunications infrastructure development or telecommunications infrastructure design may offer a variety of planning, implementation, and testing services. Telecommunications infrastructure development helps in the growth of IT software and various technologies like global system for mobile communication (GSM) and code division multiple access (CDMA). Telecommunications infrastructure design considerations help to design long optical fiber cabling that is done at various locations and buildings. Telecommunications infrastructure design converge the voice and data with voice over IP and they are used in telephone lines, connecting the Internet, call recording, and for call management.


Telecommunications infrastructure services serve many industries and meet a variety of regulatory requirements for telecommunications cabling and telecommunications infrastructure design.

Some companies provide:

  • media gateways
  • soft switches
  • GPRS technology
  • mobile portals
  • billing and mediation systems


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