What Should Pay Attention in Figure 8 Cable Installation

Date: 2017-08-27   Clicked: 3885

The practice of handling fiber optic cables has become much more common in recent years. Fiber optic cables are designed to withstand all typical installation and environmental stresses expected in the specific application. Copper and fiber optic cables can be damaged if not handled properly during the installation process. In fact, the cable installation process is the most aggressive event the cable will most likely ever be exposed to. Adherence to the cable’s design limits of pull tension, minimum bend, and crush force during installation will ensure that the cable will perform properly throughout its full design lifetime. The greatest mistake when handling fiber optic cable is assuming that all outside plant (OSP) handling equipment is suitable for use - it is not. 

The following precautions always apply when handing fiber optic and copper cables. 

• DO NOT exceed the cable’s stated maximum pulling tension.

• DO NOT exceed the cable’s stated minimum bending radius.

• DO NOT exceed the cable’s maximum crush load.

• NEVER set a cable reel on a flange side (to prevent cable crossings during payoff).

• DO adhere to local personnel safety practices.

• DO review and follow equipment safety practices.

• ALWAYS apply caps over free cable ends to prevent water intrusion.

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